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The month of August 2014 had 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays.  The Chinese call this phenomenon “silver pockets full” or “moneybags”. You may have seen an e-mail about it as it was circulating widely in 2014. No one bought the domain so we did.

Although it is not true that it happens only once every 823 years (it’s actually closer to every 11 years) it is still fun to think about. The means you to have “silver pockets full”.... Make the call to buy this domain for when it starts making money the price will go up up up! Make this your Internet Publishing home business and specialize in SILVER!

Also think about this.
Pull out a piece of paper and start a list. If the only thing that comes to mind when you consider the abundance of wealth is money, we need to take a step back and think again. The first step to leading a truly abundant life is to notice all the goodness that surrounds you every day. Even if all you have is a pea, if you are grateful for it you allow it the chance to multiply. I understand that peas, when sitting on your table, do not reproduce. What I actually mean is that in your gratitude, you open the energetic door for the arrival of more peas. You are saying YES.

Abundance comes when you open yourself up to receive. This is an abundant Universe. If you doubt that, look at rainforests or try to count stars. The problem of scarcity manifests in life when you shut down to the flow that is always there.  Back to your list: if you are’t noticing much abundance in your life, you need to open yourself up to receive it. You need to find a way to stand energetically in YES. That means NOT resenting those who have more than you do, griping that you don’t have enough, or tucking bills away because you would rather not think about them. Find a way to be grateful so you open the door for more peas.

Beyond gratitude there is the second step to abundance: direct action. You can try Feng Shui, the science of the movement of energy and unseen forces in the environment. Even Snoops says that if you want to attract money usingFeng Shui, you should make your own cash-attracting “money bag”. “Use a colored ribbon to tie nine coins into a square of cloth (both preferably red), then place your “money bag” on or near whichever spot in the house where money is either received or generated. (In other words, if your paycheck comes by mail, place it where you put incoming letters and packages; if your money comes via computer notification of a deposit to an online account, put it near your hard drive.)”

If you are one of those who views Feng Shui as Chinese hocus pocus, feel free to NOT engage in coin bondage and instead focus your energy on building the channels that bring you abundance. Financial abundance can come through new online programs, an offer of your professional services, or a new job. Other kinds of abundance can come through networking, being a good neighbor, taking your kids out for an unexpected fun surprise, or going to that yoga class you’ve missed for months because you were too busy.

Some of you will be people who want to cover all your bases. You know who you are. You get to pull out the silk ribbons and build a program, too. By the way, you’re my favorite kind of people. Practical AND spiritual. Probably a funky personality with a good story to tell.

Direct action means you aren’t just sitting on the couch, vibrating gratitude (although that’s a great start). It means you build the way for the abundance you want to come to you in a regular, intentional, strategic way. Or in a disorderly, chaotic, random, way if that suits you better. It means gets out there and make it happen in YOUR way…whatever that is.

Or the Frank Sinatra "My Way".


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